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 Jacob  Palmore / Palmer

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Generation No. 1

Jacob Palmore: birth date unknown, he died abt 1810 in Berkeley County, WV.  He married Marthalena MNU.  She died in Berkeley County, (Virginia) West Virginia.

Jacob Palmore and Marthalena MNU had at least the following child: John Palmer

Generation No. 2

JOHN PALMER, (son of Jacob Palmore) born abt. 1776 in Virginia or WV, and died before 1850 in Blackford County, Indiana. He married unknown abt. 1796 in Unknown.


(Above info provided by Paul Haley)


Note the spelling change of the last name.

John Palmer and Unknown had at least the following 9-children:

There may have been more children born to John Palmer and unknown, as I have the names of Rachel, Barb, Cathy and Jenny, and I don't know who they are.  However, they could be nicknames for some of the 9 known children.

Generation No. 3

1.) Samuel Hamilton Palmer: (John/Jacob) born Berkeley Co. W.V.  1799-1800.  Samuel died May 26, 1861 Blackford Co. IN., at 62 years of age, Buried Schmidt Cemetery, Blackford Co. IN..  He married Mary Nancy (Polly) Balsley, Perry Co. OH. Jan 25, 1832, Mary was born York County Pa, Jan 01, 1806, Mary died Feb. 2, 1895 Barada, NE., at 89 years of age. (May be buried in Harris Cemetery, Barada, NE.?)  Samuel and Mary Palmer moved, from Perry Co. Ohio to Blackford County IN., in 1839.

(Balsley, Balsey, Baisley, Baltzer, Baltzli)

Mary is the daughter of Jacob/John Balsey II, he was born in Fayette Co Pa. 1776, his wife's name was either Ann Grey, or Ann Collins. His father, Jacob/John Balsey/Baltzer I, was born in Holland in l725, died in Fayette Co. PA, in 1809.

Jacob/John Balsey/Baltzer the 1st, was married twice; one wife was named Frances Mnu, whom he married in 1747.  Francis died abt 1828 in Fayette County, PA.  His father was Niklaus Baltzer (Baltzli) b. before 1690 in Brazel, Switzerland, moved to and died in Holland.


(Info on Balsley/Balsey is a collection from JLynn Chase, Lauretta Yates and Paul Haley and is undocumented)


2.) JACOB PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. December 24, 1801, VA or WV; d. March 29, 1885, Unknown.  He married PHOEBE RICHARDSON abt. 1827 in Ohio.  She was born Nov 29, 1807 in Unknown, died January 10, 1873 in Unknown, buried Oak Chapel Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana


3.) MARY ( POLLY ) PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. 1803, Virginia or WV; d. abt. 1875, Blackford County, Indiana; m. JOSEPH SKINNER, abt. 1828, VA/WV; b. April 13, 1806, VA/WV; d. November 21, 1873, Blackford County, Indiana. Both are buried Balsley Cemetery, Blackford County, Indiana, Washington Twp. 


Joseph and Mary on August 4, 1852 deeded land on the north-west corner of State Road 18 and 300 West for a school called Swamp College, which was finally built in 1874. This is in Washington Township, Blackford Co, west of Dundee, (now Roll) Ind.  (Mary Palmer/Skinner is the wife of my G-Great Uncle,  Joseph Skinner, says Paul Haley)


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4.) JOHN RANDOLPH PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. 1805, VA/WV; d. ? burial Balsley Cemetery, Blackford County, Indiana, Washington Twp. m. SARAH BALSLEY, March 25, 1828, Perry County, Ohio. Were residents of Grant County, Indiana, either right before or right after their marriage.



5.) ELIZABETH PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. 1807, VA/WV; m. NESE SMITH.  (Were residents of Blackford County, Indiana, in 1850)



6.) CHIRSTIAN (CHRISTOPHER) PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. 1810, VA/WV; m. REBECCA WILSON, September 3, 1839, Blackford County, Indiana.  (Residents of Nemaha County, Nebraska in 1863)



7.) SARAH E. PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. 1812, VA/WV; m. GILBERT DAVIDSON.  (Were residents of Licking Twp., Blackford County, Indiana, in 1850)



8.) MARTIN PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. 1817, VA/WV.  (Resident of Blackford County, Indiana, in 1850)



9.) NANCY PALMER, (John/Jacob) b. abt. 1819; d. 1848, Ohio; m. MR. FOWLER.


Generation No. 4

1.) Samuel Hamilton Palmer (John/Jacob) & Mary Nancy (Polly) Balsey had the following children:

I. Caroline Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Perry Co, Ohio, Mar. 29,1832, died before 1885.  Married (1) Edmond Cochran in Roll Dundee, IN., Blackford County, Jan 2-3, 1850. Edmond was born in Kentucky about 1816. Edmond died Feb 15, 1863 Grant Co. IN, at 46 years of age.  Married (2) William J. Berry, Feb 8, 1866, Grant County Indiana.

(Editor's Note:  It appears this Edmond Cochran is the one and same as the Edmond from our Thomas B Cochran line)

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II. Leroy B. Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Perry Co Ohio, Oct. 1, 1833-1834, married Ann E. Prine, Blackford Co. IN.


III. Minerva Palmer:(Samuel/John/Jacob) born Perry Go. OH., March 21, 1835, died July 25, 1919 Richardson County, Barada NE., at age 84. Buried Harris Cemetery, Barada, NE.  Married Samuel W. Cochran, Blackford Co. Indiana, Jan. 15, 1851. Samuel was born in Blackford Co. IN., Washington twp, June 27, 1827. Samuel is son of Thomas B. Cochran and Mary A. Whitlock. Samuel entered the civil war and was last heard from while in the stockade in Kokomo, IN., Nov. 15, 1864.  No one heard from him again. (My Line)


IV. Parthena Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Perry Co. Ohio, Oct 22, 1836. died Feb. 26, 1906, Richardson County, Barada, NE. at 69 years. Buried Harris cemetery? (Maybe)?  Married (1) Unknown.  Married (2) Ephraim E. Coffman, Oct 27 1867 in Roll, Washington Township, Blackford Co., IN.

V. Elvira Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born May 02, 1838 Blackford Co. IN., died July 3, 1923, Richardson County, Verdon Ne., at 85 years of age. m. Ezra Hull, Oct. 9, 1860, Hartford City, Blackford Co. IN.

VI. William H. Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born , Dec 06, 1839, Blackford Co. IN, died Nov. 08, 1929, Fairmont, NE., at 89 years of age. Married (1st) Luzena Bell Thomas.  Married (2nd) Margaret Lowe Frye, Jan. 08, 1852, Blackford County, IN.

VII. Mary Ann Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Blackford, IN., Mar. 20, 1842, died Jan. 31, 1909, LaBelle, MO., at age 66. Married Ephraim Raypholtz, Grant County, IN, Sept. 05, 1869.

VIII. Astynax Miles Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Blackford Co. IN., Dec. 15, 1843, died Mar. 08, 1922 in Barada, Richardson County, NE., at age 79.  Buried St. Ann's Cemetery, Barada, NE.  Married Mary Hanika, May 24, 1886, Richardson Co. NE.  Mary is the daughter of Herman J. and Catherine (Lash) Hanika, both natives of Austria and they came to America in 1856, establishing their home in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin.

IX. Carter Hamlet Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Blackford Co. IN., July 14, 1845, died Mar 17, 1922 in Colfax County, ? at age 76.  Married Ann Bebb, August 1869 in Nemaha County, NE.  Ann was born Merthyrtydril, Gams, Wales, Feb 14, 1850.  Ann is the daughter of William Bebb and Mary Bennett.  Ann died Feb. 25, 1927, at age 77, Colfax County, ?

Children of Carter & Ann are;


William Palmer, (Carter/Samuel/John/Jacob) b. May 15, 1870, d. Nov 04, 1951, Wymore, Gage County, NE.

Margaret Emma Palmer, (Carter/Samuel/John/Jacob) b. March 16, 1872, Nemaha County, NE., d. June 21, 1941, Alberta Canada

John Francis Marion Palmer, (Carter/Samuel/John/Jacob) b. March 20, 1875, Nemaha, NE., d. March 24, 1892, Liberty, Gage Co., NE.

Corest Emery Palmer, (Carter/Samuel/John/Jacob) b. Jan 11, 1885, (likely adopted) d. Feb 24, 1932, Salt Lake City, UT.

                                   (Corest was my grandfather, says Donald Patterson)


X. Sarah Elizabeth Palmer: (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Blackford Co. IN., July 04, 1847, d. Feb 25, 1893 in Richardson County, Shubert, NE.  Married Jacob N. Bricker, Blackford County, IN., Mar. 02, 1876. Jacob was born Dec 28, 1827 in Of City, Blackford County, IN., died NOV 22, 1896.  Jacob's parents were Jacob Bricker, born about 1802, and Ada.

According to the census, Jacob Bricker's father was born in TN and his mother in VA. It's thought that the Bricker family came to the US from Germany and settled in Virginia in the early 1700's.  In 1852, Jacob lived in Hartford City, Adams County, Indiana, with his (1st) wife Sarah E. Nichols, born abt 1828 in Ohio, who he married in 1846 or 1848, in Champaign Co, OH.  They had sixteen children: James, George, Della, Simon, Lillie, Maggie, John, Christopher, David Monroe, Anna, Rebecca, Mary, Sarah, Elmer, Susan, and a baby boy who died as an infant.

When Sarah Nichols died, Jacob married (2) Sarah Palmer in 1876Jacob and Sarah Palmer later moved to Shubert, Nebraska. Listed with them in the census: EMMA D. BRICKER, b. Abt. 1867, (Stepchild);  ELIZA D. BRICKER, b. Abt. 1867 (Stepchild); SIMON S. BRICKER, b. Abt. 1869, (Stepchild); LILLIE BRICKER, b. Abt. 1871, (Stepchild); MARGARET BRICKER, b. Abt. 1873, (Stepchild); ANDY BRICKER, b. Abt. 1875; (Stepchild).

Sarah E. Palmer and Jacob Bricker had 2 children of their own: 

Minnie Dale Bricker, b. Oct 06, 1877

Lenna May Bricker, Oct 14, 1879

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XI. Levi E. Palmer, (Samuel/John/Jacob) born Unknown, died Unknown



XII. Infant Palmer, (Samuel/John/Jacob) b. August 11, 1852; d. August 12, 1852, Blackford Co., IN.



2.) Jacob Palmer (John/Jacob) & Phoebe Richardson had at least the following children:



I. Mary Palmer, (Jacob/John/Jacob) b. May 13, 1833; d. August 12, 1894. Buried Oak Chapel Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana.


II. Elizabeth Palmer, (Jacob/John/Jacob) b. 1838; d. December 2, 1871.  Buried Oak Chapel Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana.


III. Allen Palmer, (Jacob/John/Jacob) b. Unknown.  Married Harriett L. MNU

     Child of Allen Palmer and Harriett Mnu is:

B. F. Palmer, b. December 24, 1868; d. December 19, 1869, Oak Chapel Cemetery, Grant County, Indiana.  Died at the age of 11 months, 25 days.

- End - This is all the info I have on Palmer's.  (No other history or other family tree info available)



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