Descendants of

John LehMiller


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BIOGRAPHY: According to family lore, John was a Napoleonic solder, according to Louise Lehmiller, and was one of the original 7 Grenadiers of Napoleon. As the story goes, John was a guard for Napoleon, and accompanied him in the French expedition into Russia. On the retreat from Moscow in Oct/Nov of 1812, the severe cold weather was costly to many of Napoleon's troupes, and John's feet were frost bitten, causing him to be handicapped. Thus, he was granted a sum of money by Napoleon. According to a French Priest, the family name was LeMillere, with a grave accent on the last "e". And, they were Land Graves who supposedly oversaw large acres of land in the area of Alsace, which was partly German and partly French, due to being ruled by each at various times.


Andrew enlisted in Infantry in the Civil War, Company A, 107 Infantry, Ohio Regiment on 09 Sept 1862 at 28 yoa.